Seafood Source writes misleading article about shrimp from Vietnam

Toan Dao from Hanoi Vietnam

In a blatantly false and misleading report authored by Toan Dao of Seafood Source and published on February 2, Vietnam fish and seafood has been erroneously libeled either intentionally or by exceptionally poor reporting.

The article stated that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority has suspended imports of fish and seafood from Vietnam due to the presence of white spot and acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease.

The article fails to mention, however, that white spot disease has been identified in practically every nation around the globe that is involved in the rearing of shrimp or other shellfish.  It has never been detected in fish as the article suggests.

Can white spot infect humans?

Humans are not in any way susceptible to this virus. The consumption of infected shrimp or other shellfish does not endanger the health of humans. Humans are not susceptible to the disease.

What about hepatopancreatic necrosis disease?

Consumption of raw or under cooked shrimp or other shellfish contaminated with V. parahaemolyticus could lead to development of acute gastroenteritis in humans. The consumption of raw or under cooked beef, pork or poultry would be much more dangerous to human health.

However, there has never been any report of human-related disease (e.g. gastroenteritis) linked to the consumption of affected shrimp from any country, which include the U.S., China, Japan to name only a few.

Both diseases have been reported at one time or another in almost every, if not all, shrimp rearing countries and have not had any effect on human health reported to date. Health officials say the risk to human health is negligible.

The article by Toan Dao of Seafood Source clearly implied there was a food safety issue and that is false and misleading. The article should be retracted and rewritten by someone knowledgeable of the subject matter in a fair and objective manner.


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