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For once, Blues are Beautiful! In Santorini, Greece

Pen and Paradise

An imaginer’s paradise. A poet’s inspiration. A world parallel to the dreams. Santorini, in Greece, boasts of a picture-perfect colour blending, of sparkling white houses with blue domed rooftops, decorated with blooming vines of pink bogainvillea, against the turquoise of the Mediterranean. Perched high on volcanic clifftops, this sight is something unimaginable to reel in. One look at these fairytale-like landscape, and you’re already under a spell.

We had planned a 5-day trip to Athens and Santorini in the month of May. From Stockholm, we flew to Athens and spent about a day and a half in the city. A ferry by ‘Bluestar Ferries‘ or ‘Hellenic Seaways‘ is a popular choice among travellers to travel from the city of Athens to the island of Santorini. But S and I usually end up choosing flights over ferries. Not to say ferries are any less fun, but…

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