The dawn of traffic vigilantes in Vietnam

Above: A common sight of a rude motorbike driver running a red light in Vietnam

Make no mistake about it — Vietnam is one of the most dangerous places in the world for pedestrians — when it comes to traffic. Drivers in Vietnam will drive right over and kill you without any hesitation.

The worst place I have ever been with respect to traffic in Vietnam is Nha Trang and I will never return to that godforsaken place as a result.

In Vietnam drivers regularly ignore traffic signals, drive on the wrong side of the roadway, ignore practically all traffic signs, roadway markings and routinely drive on the sidewalk.

I once got hit by a motorcyclist who was driving the wrong way and looking at his cell phone. I stopped and got off my motorbike and he ran into it.  Three times I have been stopped at a red light and hit from the rear by another motorbike driver looking at his cell phone.

Accidents routinely go unreported. And hit and run accidents are commonplace.

At least 10 times I have taken foreign visitors to Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi and all of them said they would never return to Vietnam because of the traffic.  All of them asked to leave Hoan Kiem Lake after almost being hit by motorbikes when they had the right of way and were crossing at a cross walk with a green light.

One cannot walk on most sidewalks around Hoan Kiem Lake or anywhere else in Hanoi because they are filled with either motorbikes or businesses have taken over the sidewalks.  But even if you do find a stretch of sidewalk, you are not safe.

Because motorbikes routinely drive on the sidewalks or anywhere else they feel like.

Last week a Vietnamese man in a car hit and ran over a pedestrian with the front wheels of his vehicle.  He got out of his car and saw the person he hit lying between the front and rear wheels.

The driver then got back in his car and drove over the person with the rear wheels. This is one of the horrific incidents that was on a video that went viral and the following article indirectly refers to.

Attached is the article that appeared in the Vietnamese media describing the horrific driving conditions in Vietnam and stating that foreigners and locals in Vietnam have had it with the rude Vietnamese drivers and are stepping in to put an end to the madness.

But make no mistake. We are not talking about a few drivers. We are talking about the overwhelming number of motorbike drivers in Vietnam. They are rude and will honk their horn and then run over and kill you or a member of your family.

And not think twice about it!

The article tries to make it sound like it is only a few rude Vietnamese drivers. That is not the truth. We are talking about most of the motorbike drivers in Vietnam and much of it is the result of ignorance and stupidity.

The article is entitled: The dawn of traffic vigilantes in Vietnam



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