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Athens, Why You need to Visit Greece and Things to do

This Greece’s capital is a place that has a lot of landmarks which originate from the 5th century BC. During the old days, Athens was the place where the ancient Greece empire based their capital. People living in this city are known to be very welcoming to tourists. To get to see all the things that existed during the Greek Empire, Athens is the place to visit.

Geographic Location

The city is located on the south side of Greece. The Gulf of Corinth, Evoikos, Saronic, and the Aegean Sea surround this town. Greece is located in Southern Europe, and it borders both the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea.

athens 1

Best Time to go

The best time that you can visit Greece is during the early summers and the springs. These happen between Mid-April and Mid-June. Also, you can visit…

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