FDA blocks shrimp for drug residues, Salmonella

The Food and Drug Administration recently refused five shrimp shipments due to the presence of prohibited antibiotics. The shrimp belonged to two companies, Sea Fresh in Bangladesh and Zhangzhou TaiWang Food Co. Ltd. in China.

According to an FDA report, the U.S. agency refused four shipments from Sea Fresh because of the presence of nitrofurans. Zhangzhou TaiWang Food Co. shrimp was denied entry to the United States because of residues of veterinary drugs.

Additionally, 14 shrimp shipments were denied entry because of Salmonella contamination.

Thirteen of those shipments were from India, sent by Falcon Marine Exports Pvt. Ltd. (one shipment); Sandhya Aqua Exports Pvt. Ltd. (one shipment); and Jagadeesh Marine Exports (eleven shipments). The other shrimp contaminated with salmonella was shipped by PT Bumi Meara Internusa in Indonesia.


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