Spice up your life, your fitness life that is!

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I’ve talked about needing variety in your life to benefit your health. Fitness is a big part of it. It’s important to include diversity in your workout, including the types of exercises you do and when you do them. Why? Combining cardio, strength, core and flexibility exercises into your routine will maximize your results and reduce your risk of injury.

Quick backgrounder

If you work out regularly, it can become easy to fall into the habit of doing the same routine every time. When you perform the same exercises often, they become easier over time. Eventually, your workouts won’t offer you much of a challenge and your fitness level will plateau.

To maintain a healthy routine, vary your workouts and activities, and cover five essential elements of fitness: cardio, strength, core, balance, and stretching/flexibility.

As a reminder, check with your doctor before jumping in if you’re new to working out…

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