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Javanese Royal Palaces: Surakarta

What an Amazing World!

Gapura Gladag, the Northern Gate to the Vast Palace Complex of Surakarta

Considering the total population of Java today, one might be startled to realize just how many people live on this Indonesian island. Java’s land area is slightly smaller than Florida, and just a little bit bigger than the whole of Greece. However, while the Sunshine State is populated by more than 20 million people, and around 11 million call Greece home, roughly 150 million souls dwell on Java. It’s not hard to understand the reason behind this overpopulation; one only needs to look into the history and geography of the island.

Located near the equator with the Java Sea to its north and the Indian Ocean to the island’s south, rainfall is consistently high over most parts of Java, particularly during rainy season. Moreover, being among the islands located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Java’s volcanoes are…

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