More fake news from Nhan Dan

The Vietnamese press is like a cult.  They cannot speak or write in the English language and lie about everything. Here’s an article published by Nhan Dan that is titled:

Vietnam earns US$13 million from fruit and veg exports each day as Tet nears

Vietnam did not earn anything.  The $13 million dollars is the total sales figure of fruit and vegetables and it is not exports.  It is the total domestic and foreign sales figure that was simply made up.

It’s a lie!

No one in Vietnam could possibly know the total daily sales of fruit and vegetables for Jan. at this point in time and the rest of the world is not stupid.

In all probability the earnings were less that 2% of the $13 million. For all we know the commodities could have been sold at a loss.

The article goes on to say that Vietnam spends $6 million dollars daily on importing food, which is another false statement.  The author of this article has no ability to speak or write English.

He or she also has no clue what food products Vietnamese or foreign businesses imported let alone how much they spent, either.

When will this ignorant crap stop. If you can’t speak or write English Nhan Dan stop printing this crap.

And it is nothing but total crap and falsehoods. Primarily result of the fact that no one at Nhan Dan can speak or write English.

Americans are sick and tired of organizations like Nhan Dan making fun of our language. Americans don’t do that to Vietnamese language so stop doing it to ours.

If you really want to prove to the world that you can speak and write in English release the band score for the IELTS and TOEFL exams of your writers. I know for a fact they never took either exam nor could they pass it with even a minimal score.

Americans have had it with rude Vietnamese like those at Nhan Dan.





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