Givenchy Celebrates Lunar New Year 2018

Anything But Marzipan

I’m beginning this post by contributing one glorified moment, specifically to acknowledge the beautiful packaging of Givenchy’s Lunar New Year 2018 products. Isn’t it just so beautiful? These products need to be put out on display, they are next-level!

Givency Lunar New Year 2018

Whenever I think of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival I always think of the colours red and gold (que Spring Festival inspired makeup look) and Givenchy hit the nail on the head with the luxurious packaging they have to offer on these products. The lipstick case is surrounded by real leather, so luxurious!

Let’s move on to the actual product.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder 1 Mousseline Pastel

Givency Lunar New Year 2018

Beautiful pastel shades that can powder your face to perfection. These finely milled powders will give you a radiant finish worn alone or over makeup to set everything in place. The four different shades will combat any colour concerns and set completely…

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