Vietnam government protests fish and seafood ban by Saudi Arabia, again

The Vietnam vice minister of agriculture, Vu Van Tam, delivered a diplomatic note to the Saudi Arabian ambassador Dakhil Al Johani, in a meeting in Hanoi on Feb. 7, according to a statement by the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers.

Tam said Vietnam was surprised about the ban, which he alleged contains aspects that violate international trade laws.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority on Jan. 30  temporarily suspended imports of farm raised fish and seafood from Vietnam due to the presence of two diseases in the Southeast Asian nation, said Tam.

However, Saudi Arabia actually imposed the ban after they inspected and also found that the majority of farm raised fish and seafood processing facilities in Vietnam were deficient and did not meet with appropriate food safety standards.

Clearly Vietnam farm raised fish and seafood are not safe to consume because their is no system in place in the country to ensure food safety. This is an issue that has been repeatedly addressed and the country has failed the test.

Time and time again inspectors from the U.S and other countries have found banned antibiotics and other illegal substances in the fish and seafood reared in Vietnam. Safety inspectors such as those from Saudi Arabia have also declared most of the processing plants deficient.






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