Date Me: The Health Benefits of Dates

The OM Project

     Dates are a great snack. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, dates are here to help. Sticky, chewy, and oh so sweet, it’s amazing they are still a health food for how good they taste. Why do people even eat candy?! Their sweetness is a great pick me up snack for post workout or the afternoon lull without all of the dramatic harmfulness of refined white sugar.  The sugar in dates like all fruits, in addition to being all natural, hide a ton of nutrients. So you are doing yourself a huge favor with each
     There are a ton of different date varieties, much like apples, that all grow in giant bunches on date palms and are then harvested and dried. Fossil records show that date palms have been around for the past 50 million years and the dates where at one…

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