US trade mission to grow Queensland exports and jobs

Annastacia Palaszczuk the 39th Premier of Queensland, Australia 

The trade visit of Premier Annastacia to the U.S. next week will seek to build on the record export growth and create more jobs for Queenslanders, according to an Australian government Feb. 15 news release.

Premier Annastacia said her visit, which will include New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles, follows confirmation that 2017 was the best calendar year result for exports on record.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, Queensland grossed a record $69.6 billion in sales from exports in 2017. It was an increase of $14.3 billion over 2016 and more than $25 billion higher than 2014, the last full calendar year of the former Newman LNP Government, said Ms Palaszczuk .

Queensland now accounts for one out of every four Australian export dollars.   As Minister for Trade, I will work hard to ensure that our state realizes our fantastic potential to sell our products and raw materials around the globe.

Queensland is an export State and our trading performance continues to strengthen under this Government.

“I thank all the farmers, miners, manufacturing workers, sales staff and entrepreneurs on this result.”

“By creating opportunities overseas, we can create jobs here in Queensland. By working together, we can further boost trade and strengthen the partnership with other countries in terms of tourism, education and sport, as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will show.”

Next week, she noted she would travel to the U.S. to boost investment, strengthen relations with individual States and attract new film production on top of the record result last financial year.

Ms Palaszczuk will join the Prime Minister and other State leaders to meet with the Governors of the U.S. in Washington DC next week.

The National Governors’ Association is now led by Governor Brian Sandoval from Nevada – a State that our Government is working with in key areas of energy, mining and water management.

The Premier said in addition to travelling to Washington D.C. for the National Governors’ Association conference, she will be meeting with key businesses in New York and film studios in Los Angeles.



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