Amber Palace and Jaigarh Fort Near Jaipur in India

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The Amber Fort, which consists of the Jaigarh Fort and the Amber (pronounced ‘Amer’) Palace is an UNESCO heritage sights near Jaipur.

It was a short bus ride to the Fort although, as usual, the conductor didn’t give us change like he did to all the other passengers.(At the time I thought all the bus and train conductors were working against us but I later learned that we should have been handing out bribes to get any consideration as to seating!)

Being a proper fort it was at the top of a steep hill, a long hike up from the bus stop to the fort, and once inside the wall another hike to get up to the Palace complex. Many people opted to ride an elephant up and enter the main gate like a 17th century Rajput Maharajah.
Tower at the Amber Fort and Palace near Jaipur in IndiaThe palace complex.Amber Fort and Palace near Jaipur in IndiaOnce inside the palace though the place was beautiful, with elaborately…

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