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The Art of Travel Photography – Predicting Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets

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Beach Sunset.jpg You don’t need to be a meteorologist to predict when a good sunrise or sunset will occur.  You just need to understand some basic weather principles, or know where to find the right tools.

If you have read some of our recent articles on travel photography, you are probably very aware that shooting your pictures during the Golden Hours of the day can greatly enhance the quality of your pictures.  Not only do these times of the day have the best light, they also allow you to include some pretty dramatic sunrises and sunsets in your images.

Photographers are always chasing light.  In fact, in many respects the quality of the light is more important than the subject you are shooting.  I know many travel photographers that will search out great light, and then find something interesting to shoot in that light when they find it.  The proper light is…

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