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Cao Vietnamese Cuisine – Liang Seah Street in Singapore

Vietnamese food in Singapore has pretty much been rather traditional and ordinary with most restaurants serving similar dishes — the most common being pho, banh mi and bun cha.

The Cao Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant opened recently on Liang Seah Street, which is  a neighborhood filled with Chinese hotpot eateries. It is relatively cosy, though most seats can accommodate groups of six.

While the menu lists a variety of familiar dishes such as pho and spring rolls, there were also many uncommon dishes on the menu as well. Beverages included coffee, juices and ice-blended drinks among others.

(Cao Fish Rice Noodles)

The cao fish rice noodle soup consisted of small fish cakes, tomatoes, pineapple,  bean sprouts, coriander and lime as a side. It was light and refreshing — a little tangy with a hint of fish sauce.

(Mixed Fried Pho Noodle with Chicken)

The mixed fried pho noodle with chicken was similar to shredded chicken hor fun  — served dry and with a sauce that provided a savory flavor. The chicken was tender and sliced into large-sized strips .

(Hue Rice Dumplings with Shrimp and Pork)

The Hue rice dumplings with shrimp and pork was listed in the dessert section of the menu.

(Lime Juice Ice-Blended)

The blended lime juice ice was refreshing without being overly sour nor too sweet — a good palate cleanser to refresh the taste buds.

Our overall experience was positive and broadened our perspective on Vietnamese food as a whole. The restaurant is definitely a spot to try Vietnamese food in Singapore.

Cao Vietnamese Cuisine
2 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189023


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