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Galápagos: Scuba Diving in Darwin Arch and Island


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“Dutchie and I joined a scuba diving liveaboard (diving cruise) for 7N/8D.
The itinerary included seven days of scuba diving across the Galapagos archipelago (Ecuador): Punta Carrion, Wolf Island, Darwin’s Arch & Island and Cousins Rock” 

After two days scuba diving in Wolf Island (Galapagos, Ecuador), our diving boat sailed to Darwin’s Arch and Island. The second “holy grail” in Galapagos Islands for scuba divers.

Darwin Arch is in the background and these boobies birds are hitchhiking our boat 😀

Our last dive in Darwin’s Arch and here I am, at 20 something meters deep, laying on the sea plateau before a drop-off, between the rocks and hard corals. It is uncomfortable, especially knowing a Moray eel is hiding in the rocks behind me. I try my best not to disturb Madam Moray eel, my short time neighbor.

Moray eel Hello, Madam Moray eel!

The problem is, I don’t have any…

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