5 best juices to lose weight — Claudia Matias

Claudia Matias

Hello guys!!

Now i started a diet, I want to eliminate a few pounds to be ready for the summer ahah. I leave you some juice for those who want to lose weight. Hope you like it!

Cinnamon detox juice (107 calories)


– Two kiwis;

– An apple;

– Half cucumber;

– Half lemon;

– One teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Method of preparation:

Add water to taste and mix all ingredients in a blender

Coconut water detox juice (15 calories)


– Three leaves of cabbage;

– Three leaves of spinach;

– Organic coconut water;

– ginger;

– cinnamon;

– Half lemon juice.

Method of preparation:

Add all the ingredients in the juice machine and mix for one minute.

Detox juice of raspberries and chia (85 calories)


– hand full of raspberries;

– An apple;

– mint;

– One teaspoon of chia seeds;

– Cold green tea to…

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