Green Bean Stir Fry w/ Baby Squid (Đậu Cô Ve xào Mực Con)

The Vietnamese Cook

Don’t be fooled by the lack of ingredients and sauciness in this dish compared to other stir fries. While it may be lacking in ingredients, it definitely doesn’t lack in flavour!

Seafood isn’t a common ingredient cooked in my household and when we do eat seafood, I generally prefer to have less sauces on my seafood in order to taste the natural flavours. Most of the flavour in this dish comes from the natural sweetness of the beans and squid. A touch of fish sauce gives it the umami-ness and flavour that it needs, with a hint of garlic and pepper. Not overly flavoured but just enough for a delicious quick dish to go with a steaming bowl of jasmine rice!

Apart from cleaning the squid, this is one of the quickest stir fries to make. I usually buy my baby squid in 1kg bags from the markets and clean and…

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