Poll of Florida Proves the State Discriminates Against Blacks


downloadVote here only if your white in Florida

A recent poll taken in the State of Florida shows that one of every five voters who are black have lost their right to vote for life, reflecting the intent of the old Jim Crow laws designed to stop black citizens from voting.

The poll conducted by the University of North Florida, Florida Statewide Poll was conducted by the Public Opinion Research Lab at UNF.

The poll shows that an amendment to restore voting and other civil rights is so widely supported by voters that even a majority of Republicans support it, said UNF Public Opinion Research Lab pollster Michael Binder.

Seventy-one percent of registered voters said they’d vote “yes” and 22 percent said they’d vote no to restore voting and other civil rights.

The best part of all of this is that U.S. District Judge Walker of the Northern District of Florida, issued an opinion that the State of Florida scheme for arbitrarily restoring voting rights to certain former felons is unconstitutional.

It all started when Gov. Rick Scott, who is a Republican, got elected and changed the law claiming that he, not a federal judge, should determine how Florida restores the civil rights of ex-felons.

0212 scottGov. Scott

Scott again made this absurd argument in response to the Feb. 1 ruling by U.S. District Judge Mark Walker that Florida’s Jim Crow-era system for how ex-felons can regain their rights is arbitrary and thus unconstitutional.

A Scott spokesman said authority for clemency rests with “officials elected by Floridians, not judges.”

Perhaps the decision by Scott was about partisan politics, says the Orlando Sun Sentinel newspaper. All the Clemency Board members are Republicans and they are concerned that blacks will vote Democratic. A disproportionate share of ex-felons are African-Americans, tend to vote Democratic.

The U.S. likes to complain about human rights in other countries and how democracy and the right to vote in the U.S. makes it unique.  Maybe, those folks in the U.S. who make these types of statement should just shut up.

The voting and other civil rights in Florida are unconstitutional, and a Federal Judge just said so. So what doesn’t Scott, who is a blatant racist against all black people as well as others understand?








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