What should I eat? — Kimberly Rose Nutrition

Kimberley Rose Nutrition

Gluten free, paleo, keto, no sugar, fat, carbs or dairy, vegan, vegitarian, no fruit, only one type of fruit . . . the list is endless. What is left! If we follow all the “rules” what can we eat!


With the internet and the abundance of knowledge that is now at our fingertips comes these, and so many other heathy diet options. But what do you pick for you and your family? And how do we make it last? With new research into the best way to eat coming out all the time how is it possible to stick to one way, when next week the evidence for what will keep you healthy and alive for longer has changed?


After years of study in nutrition and hours and hours of research my advice is this:

Eat good real food as often as you can!

Its that simple. Animal products, vegetables…

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