The Bigotry of Florida Gov. Scott Delays Dozens of Voting Rights Cases After Legal Setback

0212 scott

Bigot Florida Gov. Scott

When it comes to bigotry and racism, Florida Gov. Scott and his cabinet take the lead in the world. It is amazing to me that everyone around the globe doesn’t stop travelling to Florida for tourism.

Better yet, maybe the world should tack on a 40 percent tariff on any imports from Florida.

It all started when Gov. Rick Scott, who is a Republican, got elected and changed the law claiming that he, not a federal judge, should determine how Florida restores the civil rights of ex-felons.

However, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker in Tallahassee ruled last month that Scott does not have that power and he and the State of Florida are exercising civil rights issues in an unconstitutional manner.

Yet, now the bigots refuse to follow the order of U.S. District Judge Mark Walker.

All this proves is that when U.S. President Trump or anyone else talks about civil rights in the U.S. and democracy, they would be better off if they would just shut up. Because Gov. Scott and his cabinet have proved it is all one big lie.

People in Vietnam have more civil rights than any citizen of the State of Florida. So, if your from the U.S. don’t talk about civil rights of Vietnam, because the situation in Florida proves the  situation in the Southeast Asian country is better than Florida.

As a result of the order by U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, Scott and the Cabinet members have decided to postpone all civil rights cases. What don’t these bigots get — Judge walker ruled their exercise of power is unconstitutional.

It makes the U.S. and Florida as well as U.S. President Trump look like a joke. As everyone knows, Trump travels to Florida all the time and maintains many properties there.

Scott and the Cabinet members, all of whom are Republicans, defended their system, which Judge Walker ruled unconstitutional and said they would appeal the decision and put off any civil rights cases for now.

My advice, avoid travelling to Florida for any reason and refuse to buy anything from the state until they get rid of this bigoted administration, who is nothing but a leftover from the old days and Jim Crow laws designed to stop black citizens from voting for decades.






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