U.S. Imposes 25 Percent Tariff on Farm Raised Shrimp from Vietnam


Black tiger shrimp from Vietnam

In a positive step for U.S. consumers food safety and the shrimp industry, the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration imposed a 25 percent tariff on frozen wild caught and farm raised warmwater shrimp from Vietnam.

This isn’t taking a tough approach to trade by the U.S. but a food safety measure to get farm raised shrimp from Vietnam, in particular, out of U.S. commerce. These shrimp are raised on feed from China — where there are no food safety laws in place.

The rate is to be applied to shipments from the Sao Ta Seafoods JSC and any companies deemed by the U.S. to be independent of the Vietnam government. Companies controlled by the Vietnan Government are subject to a higher rate.

As well, it has yet to be determined whether Vietnam has food safety laws in place to ensure farm raised shrimp and catfish are safe to consume. They may have laws on the books that if followed would be safe.

But there is no safety inspection program in place and the Vietnamese Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers does little to either enforce food safety laws or even perform its own testing to make certain that shrimp from Vietnam are safe to consume.










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