Top 12 places to visit in Diu, India — Trail-stained Fingers

Trail-stained Fingers

One of the best ways to explore smaller towns in India is in an auto rickshaw. Even Delhi has an ‘auto rickshaw tour operator‘ now. Diu, with its small size and picturesque attractions, particularly lends itself to such tours. Easily reachable from Mumbai by flight (1 hour) or Ahmedabad by road (7 hours), the island also known as Ilha de Calma (Isle of Calm) and situated off the coast of Gujarat, makes for an idyllic weekend getaway. Quieter than Goa but much more liberated than the rest of Gujarat, Diu is increasingly in the limelight thanks to the recently concluded Festa de Diu and its inimitable small town charm. Here are the 12 sights that must feature in your itinerary if you’re planning a getaway to this erstwhile Portuguese territory. The ideal duration for a trip to Diu is two nights and three days and it can get really…

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