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Hamburg Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in Germany and an important focus city for many airlines. Even though Hamburg is no important hub, there are flights to more than 100 destinations. In this Airport Guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the airport!

Hamburg Airport is dominated by low-cost-carriers. Even though EasyJet is closing its base in Hamburg in 2018, the airport still has a substantial presence of low-cost-airlines.

Hamburg Airport EasyJet

Eurowings uses Hamburg as a hub, while Ryanair and EasyJet use Hamburg as a focus city. Other than that, there are important links to Lufthansa hubs as well as several flights operated by charter and holiday airlines.

The biggest airlines at Hamburg Airport:

  • Eurowings: Dozens of destinations in Europe
  • Ryanair: More than a dozen destinations in Europe
  • easyJet: Several destinations in Europe

Shopping and dining at Hamburg Airport

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