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India: Mekosha Spa, Kerala: Idyllic Ayurvedic Massage Retreat — Trail-stained Fingers

Trail-stained Fingers

The pristine Varkala Beach was our first introduction to Kerala, one of India’s most celebrated travel destinations. That was over five years ago. Today, Ayurvedic retreats have mushroomed all over God’s own country and every three to five star hotel boasts of Ayurvedic massages. Yet, the newly opened Mekosha stands in a space of its own for its close attention to self-pampering in a retreat hidden away from everything but the  river, trees and birds. Our stay at this spa was also special because it let us savour the sunset at Varkala once again.

First Look

Mekosha Spa Kerala Mekosha Spa

We arrived post sundown and drove through the darkness from Trivandrum airport to Mekosha. It only took us an hour. We dined in the candle light even though we were already stuffed with evening snacks supplied by Air India. The F&B manager and chef Anoob provided us idiyappam (coiled rice noodles) with…

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