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NERD Acne Treatment System 14-Day Challenge — Not Evita Peron

If you’ve been spending time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen one of NERD Skincare ad. (or maybe Facebook knows exactly what I need and really sold my interest so it’s always showing on my feed), and I have seen their ads too much that I decided to try their product since it looks a bit promising, and because I am honestly intrigued, and also because my acne journey still has a long way to go.

The Nerd Way
The New Way

NERD initiates a smarter approach, activating the good bacteria on your face to kill the bad acne-causing ones. Over time, this creates an ecosystem of perfectly balanced facial flora, paving the way for a more acne-resistant skin.

Now you probably know why their brand is called NERD, right? This brand is trying to not only up your good bacteria game but also your flawless skin game…

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