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I See Fire All Around Me! – Valley of Fire State Park — Travel With The Doc

Travel With The Doc

πŸ”» Valley of Fire State Park is located in the Mojave desert and is about an hour drive from Las Vegas, depending on traffic. It is approximately 40,000 acres and is Nevada’s first state park. The entrance fee is $10.00 and is open from sunrise to sunset. Once you drive in you are surrounded by the beauty of bright red Aztec sandstone If you choose to camp overnight the fee is $20.00. In this photo you can see the size of some of the rock formations. This is the beehive and you can see some people buzzing around and climbing.


πŸ”» The Beehive. Looks a bit like a bunny rabbit!


πŸ”» Amazing 4,000 year old Petroglyphs located at Atlatl Rock. You have to climb about 3 flights of stairs to get up close to the carvings. The Atlatl was a throwing stick used for hunting wildlife and is depicted in…

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