MARCH FAVOURITES! — Vogue & Vibes – Anushka Hazra

Vogue & Vibes - Anushka Hazra

The month of March has almost come to an end since we are in the last week already. And since I had my birthday earlier this month and happened to shop quite a lot on account of it, I got my hands on a lot of products and other things which gradually become my favourites over the month!

So yes, today’s post is gonna be a MONTHLY FAVOURITES post where I am gonna share with you all my favourites from the month of March, from various genre, such as Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and some other Random categories like Books, Movies, Music and so on.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


My first Fashion favourite would be this Orange-Red Tank Top. My mom got this one for me from Lifestyle Stores and I found this one pretty amazing. It had a ribbed knit kind of a material. Even though…

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