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Crunchy Peanut & Chocolate Cupcakes – Vegan Recipe! — The Greedy Vegan

The Greedy Vegan

Rich chocolate cupcakes topped with crunchy peanut cornflakes and chocolate chips!!


I was coming home for the long Easter weekend and wanted to bring my (non-vegan) family some yummy vegan treats. My dad has a big sweet tooth, loves his cakes and always has peanut butter on the kitchen counter tops, so these were perfect πŸ™‚

They went down really well, and they couldn’t believe that they were vegan! The whole batch went VERY quickly!

Everyone always has chocolate cornflake cakes, but here’s something a little different! The cornflakes and peanut butter go together deliciously. And they compliment the soft sponge really well.

This is a really easy recipe using simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, and if not you can easily get in your local supermarket.

The key to getting your cupcakes really light and fluffy is to whip up the vegan butter until it lightens…

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