10 Easy Flowering Bulbs to Plant For Summer Colour — The Frustrated Gardener

The Frustrated Gardener

There are few plants as rewarding and foolproof to grow as those that sprout from bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes. Among their number we can count favourites such as gladioli, begonias, lilies, dahlias, amaryllis and nerines, alongside lesser known, exotic beauties such as habranthus (Brazilian copperlily), gloriosa (glory lily), eucomis (pineapple lily), eremurus (foxtail lily) and crinum (swamp lily)*. Many bulbs sold for garden cultivation are bold, colourful, long-flowering and best of all inexpensive, giving gardeners plenty of bang for their buck. In short, they are one of the plant world’s best investments. If you catch the bulb bug like me then there’s an inexhaustible range of hybrids and species to experiment with, and new ones coming along all the time.

Bulbous, cormous, tuberous and rhizomatous plants arrive in your garden with all the energy they need for the first growing season, stored up in the solid parts that live…

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