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Eight Wonders of Peru: From Desert Oasis to Machu Picchu — Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)

Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)

Peru is the fabled heartland of the Incas with mystifying heritage and unparalleled terrains offering diverse travel adventures and lifetime experiences. It is a fascinating land with the Andes dividing regions into a lush green panorama on one side and vivid colors of sand on the other side. From east to west, there’s a myriad yet overlapping wonders of history, culture and natural sceneries.

There’s more to this country than Spanish colonization and Inca civilization. In this country, you’ll find desert oasis, floating islands, alpine lakes, geoglyphs, wildlife, amazon tribes, Spanish influences and famous Inca trails to name a few. Here is my eight favorites that you should not miss when you travel to Peru.

Desert Oasis in Huacachina 

This is definitely a must-destination. Huacachina is a tiny village of 100 people in the middle of a cold and dry desert harboring a natural oasis. This green oasis with lines…

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