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The Baguette That Packs a Punch — Earth Under My Feet

Earth Under My Feet

You can’t visit Hanoi or Hoi An and not try Banh Mi.

It’s a humble baguette filled with pork pate, barbequed pork, crunchy greens and a sweet spicy sauce that from the first bite is an explosion of flavour and texture.

Tripadvior has made Bahn Mi Phuongin Hoi An so famous that there is a 15 minute queue (take out – seated is even longer).  You can spot the serpentine line as you enter the central business district.  Even light rain doesn’t put the tourists off.

I got my first taste of Banh Mi at Banh Mi 25, an unassuming stall in Hanoi’s Old Town, so the chance to taste the Hoi An version was virtually a challenge.  I wasn’t disappointed – although the queue in Hanoi was decidedly shorter 🙂

I guarantee the memory lingers long after you have licked your fingers to the bone 🙂

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