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How I Shape and Dye My Brows At Home — beccapbeauty


Brows. They’re so personal to each and every person. Some of us are blessed with thick brows and others of us (like me) are blessed with brows that grow everywhere but where you want them to, with no real defined shape or style.

Now I’m sure there’s so many amazing brow technicians out there that could help my brows look amazing so I had to do little to them day to day. However, there’s something so nerve wracking about putting your brows in the hands of someone else. What if they make your brows too thin, square, round or dark? I’m sure plenty of you feel me on this!

Now personally, I like my brows to look defined and filled in – but they’re not the main aspect of my face or makeup looks. I’m not one of these people that wants super thick, bushy, dark brows and that’s because…

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