How to Tell if Somebody is Jealous of You-Signs of Envy — Jace Inspires

Jace Inspires

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Jealousy is like a disease eating us slowly. To me, it is simply counting someone elses’ blessings, instead of counting yours. We need to stay away from jealous people because it quickly turns to hate. These people will make it a goal in life to destroy you or see you fall. If you can recognize the following signs in someone around you, then maybe it is time to reconsider…

  1. They imitate you!

    It is different to have friends or people who have similar tastes as you. You should be careful about the friends who will go out to get the exact same thing as you. That is a sign that they may be trying to be you. Be careful when they act like you, talk like you and just follow your every step. Eventually, you will need to be destroyed so they can take your place. A jealous person is…

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