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It’s Mango Season! — Jace Inspires

Jace Inspires

Before I start, I just want to let us all know that God is greater than we think. I do not understand why we are hooked on sugars and unhealthy processed food. I mean nature has every flavour for every type of person.

It is mango season again and I cannot even hide how happy I am. I tipped the lady selling just for selling them….hahaha.Image result for mangoes

Every fruit just has a unique flavour, all of which man cannot even come close to without processing and making food dangerous. Mango is one of my favourite flavours. It is good naturally, good when used in shampoos, drinks, soaps….just in everything!Image result for mangoesFUN FACT: Mangoes come in various types and tastes too!

So, I will try to pull you into loving this awesome fruit too, These are the top benefits of eating mangoes.…which I’ll be eating daily.

  1. Prevents cancer!

    This is a great…

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