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Galápagos: Cousins – Diving with Sea Lions & Blennies — indahs: dive, travel & photography

indahs: dive, travel & photography

“Dutchie and I joined a scuba diving liveaboard (diving cruise) for 7N/8D.
The itinerary included seven days of scuba diving across the Galapagos archipelago (Ecuador): Punta Carrion, Wolf Island, Darwin’s Arch & Island and Cousins Rock” 

Our last dive in the year 2017 happens to be in Galapagos (Ecuador). The dive site called ‘Cousins’, it’s a large rock with sea lions as its main population. Our first five meters depth started with the sea lions playing around under the water. They keep jumping and swimming towards us, then quickly they move up to the surface. Again and again, just like they invite us to play with them.

It is fun to see their activities under the water but unfortunately I bring a camera with macro lens, I have no luck in capturing these playful sea lions. But thanks to Dutchie’s GoPro, we can share the moment with you…

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