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I Survived My Cramtastic Foodfest Healthy-ish. But Was It a Cheat Day? — art of being fabulous

art of being fabulous


One thing I may not have mentioned in my posts yet is that I like to make up words. You may have already noticed. I have what I call “The Wharton Dictionary” for the words I have created since I was in high school. I was invited to a dinner party recently, and tried really hard to keep my nutrition in tact.

I sometimes question my choices like jumping in Lake Ontario in winter while I had a bad cold, which made me even sicker (although it was for charity, so it was totally worth it in my mind). Yesterday was not one of those times. I met some wonderful people and ate a great mix of tasty options. What could be better? I even was able to eat in moderation, and pick choices that worked for me, although I could have gorged on everything, it looked so awesome. But there were…

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