Japan: Kawaii, Samurai, and Hiroshima — Voyages Of Mine

Voyages Of Mine

There’s something about Japan that fascinates and intrigues at the same time. For a start, the Japanese culture is often perceived as sophisticated and thoughtful, compared to the more buoyant and loud Western culture. There’s a natural sense of zen that everybody associates with Japan. There’s also an idea of modernism and high tech that comes with the rumor that there are more vending machines in Japan than there are sushi restaurants.

soda-2592159_1280.jpgThese vending machines don’t only sell chocolate bars or drinks, but you can actually get the weather forecast, umbrellas, and even a freshly warmed up hamburger. In short, it’s impossible not to be amazed by the diversity and the magic of the land of the rising sun. But don’t go there to discover the novelties travel books don’t talk about. Visit Japan to understand better everything you know already about the Nippon culture: The glorious past of the…

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