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Fine French Fare at Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai — Trail-stained Fingers

Trail-stained Fingers

French food is as beautiful as its people, perfumes and panache. On a balmy evening last month, we found ourselves at Artisan, the elegant French bistro housed inside Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai, waiting to sample the chef’s signature menu curated for Gout de France. Gout de France is an annual celebration of French gastronomy held across the world in fine French restaurants. Here’s how it all unfolded, in the mellow ambience of Artisan.

All good things begin with cheese

Chevre at Artisan Sofitel Mumbai Pan-seared chevre

How we love the myriad textures, smells and tastes of gourmet cheeses. We were served an innovative comte cheese creme brulee with ‘red wine onion marmalade’. Cheesy with notes of sweetness thanks to the onions, this creamy surprise melted in our mouths. We also had or all-time favourite chevre (goat’s cheese) – pan-seared with red wine, onion marmalade and saffron pear sauce. The pairing of creamy, salty chevre with sweet…

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