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Home-Sweet-Rome — Wandering & Wondering

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Wandering & Wondering

The tangible feeling Rome gives me is something almost indescribable – but I’ll give it a shot. It imparts a feeling like no other place ever has. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to places where I feel safe, comfortable and completely welcome, but Rome leaves me feeling something more than that.

IMG_2015 View over the Piazza del Popolo

That feeling you get when you come home after being away for a week. That feeling when you let out a contented sigh. That feeling of being completely at peace. That feeling you only experience when you’re at home. I have that feeling when in Rome.

I’m typing this on my second visit to Rome. Having spent a total of only 10 days here over two trips, I’ve already developed a homely attachment to this city. I have a preferred Gelato shop (and know which combinations taste the best*), a restaurant I…

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