Let’s Visit Kribi-Cameroon — Jace Inspires

Jace Inspires

By now it is clear that I love my country, love my continent, love my race…Black is beauty. Hahaha

Today, let’s take a trip to Kribi-Cameroon. This is one of my favorite places to visit and I am just counting days until I can go back. Related image

Kribi, town and port located in southwestern Cameroon. It lies at the edge of the tropical rainforest zone, on the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean.

Image result for kribi cameroonIn 1828 a commercial factory was constructed in Kribi to trade cheap manufactured imports for ivory, rubber, palm oil, and other products. It precipitated the creation of a broad trade network in southern Cameroon and produced significant tensions among various African populations over slaves, who were captured and forced to collect valuable products for export.

Image result for kribi cameroon

Don’t just read about it. Visit it and feel it.

Kribi is home to Cameroon’s best beaches: the sand is fine, the water crystal clear…

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