Sao Paulo — Sun and Three Stars

Sun and Three Stars

“The First stop in my 10 day South American Trip”

Type : City
Best Date : May – Sep
Expense: Fair
Things to do : Shopping, Dining, Visit Museums/ Galleries/ Park
Points of Interest: Sao Paulo Cathedral, Sao Paulo Arts Museum, Ibirapuera Park, Estadio do Paceambu, Municipal Market, ect
The Good: Much safer than other places in brazil, plenty of culture and arts
The Bad: There is not too much to see and do, 1-3 days is enough


Sao Paulo is a city in the south east region of Brazil about 500 km from Rio De Janeiro. The city is the most wealthiest and populous in the country. Furthermore it is largely influenced by many different nations (largely by Arabic, Italian and Japanese immigrants) and it is seen by the city’s communities, food and even architecture.


The Place

Brazil is a beautiful tropical nation which boasts one…

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