Searching for Sakura in Nihonmatsu — Rediscover Fukushima

Rediscover Fukushima

Hello! I hope that everyone is enjoying cherry blossom season, wherever you might be.

I got back from a business trip to Thailand on Tuesday, and made it a priority to go out & see some cherry blossom this week, refusing to acknowledging that most of the sakura spots near me had been in full bloom while I was away!

I read that the cherry blossom in Nihonmatsu City was still in bloom, so yesterday I headed over there to take photos in a couple of popular locations.

My first stop was Kassenba – a beautiful Shidarezakura (Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree) a 30 minute drive away from central Nihonmatsu City.


The tree looked spectacular, despite the grey skies. I love the way that the dainty light-pink blossoms contrast with the bright rapeseed blossom at its base. I still haven’t visited Takizakura, so Kassenba is the closest I have been…

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