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What is “old” for a traveller? — simpletravelourway

Church of Virgin Mary Mandrakina, built in the 18th century

I just really love the caption of this post.  I’ve always considered “old” as anyone that is 10 years or older than myself. And lately “old people” are getting harder and harder to find.

It’s a great little article about history, architecture, archaeology, the definition of  old and Greece.

The post begins…..

We are no longer young, and neither, for that matter, is Corfu. Age is a relative thing. Corfu’s Old Town, where we stayed, has both an Old Fortress and a New Fortress.

The origins of the Old Fortress date back to the 6th century while the construction of the New Fortress started in the 16th century.

When “new” is 500 years old, then “old” is a hard concept to define. In the U.S., objects are considered antiques when they are older than 100 years. No wonder we’re confused.

To continue with this post by simpletravelourway, please click here: What is “old” for a traveller?


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