Irishtown Nature Park, Moncton — MaritimeMac


Irishtown Nature Park sign Irishtown Nature Park sign at entrance

I am driving west on the Trans Canada highway, and I am having an internal debate, flip-flopping between should I ? should I not?  The Notre-Dame/ Saint Antoine exit is coming up fast, so I have to make this decision now. Last moment the right-hand turn signal goes on and I decelerate down the ramp.

I had hiked around Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia  this morning and I really enjoyed it.   A quick hike around Irishtown Nature Park, just outside Moncton, will give me a good chance to compare the two.  It is still early in the afternoon, I will be home before the deer start grazing on the sunny side of the road, I tell myself.

It is a wide, muddy parking lot. I face the truck outward, grab my coat and camera and home in on the washroom facilities. …

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