Challenge the standards of what women and men should look like — art of being fabulous

art of being fabulous

There is a lot of emphasis on the need to look perfect and young at all times. Media plays a huge part in how we view what is considered attractive in women and men. The standards don’t always mesh with what’s considered beautiful in different cultures or parts of the world, which can lead to complexities for some people. No matter what generation or what part of the world we’re from, there are standards of what’s considered attractive.

Challenge standards

While looks have always been prominent, I’m finding that the focus on looks these days seems more important than what’s on the inside. Scanning Instagram is just one indicator. I’m almost ready to quit Instagram personally. I got too sucked into the game of only posting my best pictures, and it’s time to step out of it.

It happens with the blog too. Sometimes, it takes me as long to pick pictures to…

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