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You are Perfect — JohnCoyete

Here is a short poem by John Coyote Poetry, Story and Real Life titled You are Perfect, which he wrote for a pretty dancer at the Stray Cat lounge, who is dancing bare-footed and alone on the dance floor.

His charming words are a reminder that all of us go through difficult times in our lives.  If we keep believing in ourselves and persevere, the bad days will be forgotten one day and good times will return.

“What is wrong, what is right, she doesn’t know anymore.
She is dancing alone again,
she tossed off her shoes,
Swaying and moving with the tempting Jazz songs.
Her bare feet caressing the dance floor and her eyes are closed.
She is dreaming, maybe wishing.
Sometimes beautiful things are broken and cannot be fixed.”

He watched her dance. Auburn hair beauty with the sad eyes. He wondered what journey and disappointments led her here? She turned to him and her eyes questioned his attention. She was painted perfect, her face covered in the part of the devil and the heartless. She walked to him, took his journal, she read the words slow and easy. He looked at her sad brown eyes and sleeveless…

To view the original post, please click here:You are perfect


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