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6 Reasons to Cook with Turmeric — The OM Project

The OM Project

The past few years many a yogi has been social media raving about turmeric. Long before the trend, this spice has been used in recipes across the globe for thousands of years to both enhance flavor and boost longevity.

The plant itself is very beautiful with giant green leaves and a pretty tropical yellow flowers. It is the root however that we eat. The root looks a lot like a ginger root and is from the same family. The inside is a robust yellow though and the flavor is slightly different.


If you try a little of the spice just on your finger it is warm and bitter, but add a little to your meal and it makes it what I consider to be a slightly sweet flavor. Not sugary, but vegetable sweet like yams or carrots. I enjoy adding a dash to just about all my winter soups…

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