Protect Your Highlights – in Photography and in Life — thetimetraveller


​In photography…we’re always asked to expose for the highlights. Let me simplify this for those who are not familiar with photography terms. Highlights are the brighter parts of the image so we need to decide the exposure such that the details in the bright parts are clearly visible.

Here are some examples.

Light entering through a half open window.

The sight of green leaves through the window

Leaves lit by the afternoon sun

In life…According to psychologist our mind is like a magnet for negative thoughts. No matter how good our mood is, one bad thought or incident is enough to spoil it. We always tend to stick by the things that let us down over and over again. That’s how things are but that’s not how things are supposed to be. Protect your highlights. Focus on the bright parts of life. There are things lying around waiting…

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