Raid on Vietnamese Facility Finds Beef Organs Soaking in Deadly Bleach — The Straits Times

A raid on an establishment in the southern Vietnamese province of Dong Nai has uncovered nearly half a ton of beef offal that was being treated with chemicals to be sold as food reports The Straits Times.

The raid in Dong Nai, which neighbors Ho Chi Minh City, found around 20kg of beef visceral organs were being soaked in bleaching chemicals at the organ processing facility, police said on Tuesday (May 15).

Officers involved in the raid in the provincial capital of Bien Hoa also caught six employees in the act of processing 400kg of beef internal organs – including intestines, livers and stomachs – on a dirty floor of the facility, Tuoi Tre News reported.

The facility’s owner, Trinh Quang Thai, could not provide documentation on the origin of the organs or his business licence. He was subsequently fined and all of the offal was seized for examination.

Thai said the organs had been bought from slaughterhouses in Dong Nai and were expected to be sold locally after being chemically processed.

In addition, he said around 300kg of internal organs were processed every day at the facility.

After bleaching, the organs were intended for sale in the market as fresh products.

Beef organs are often made into phalau, a stew of organs that is a favourite street food in Vietnam.

The message should be clear to all people in Vietnam — DO NOT EAT VIETNAMESE STREET FOOD – IT WILL KILL YOU! 


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